Asian Handicap. How does this market work?

The Asian handicap market is one of the most popular in sports betting and at the same time the one that generates the most questions and doubts. In this article we are going to talk about what the Asian handicap is and how it works.

❓What does the Asian handicap market mean?

When we make a bet in the Asian handicap market, what we are doing is applying an advantage or a disadvantage to one of the two teams . For example taking the Barcelona – Villarreal football match, if we bet on Barcelona -2.5 we would need Barcelona to win the match with at least 3 goals difference. If the football match ends 2-0 for Barcelona our bet would be lost, however if the match ends 4-1 our bet would be won. The final result must be subtracted (or added if the handicap is positive) the handicap and see if our team would still win the game.
It is important to know that this market 0.5 would be the same as betting on the victory of one team or another, and compare the odds with that of the home or away winner market, since bookmakers sometimes tend to offer better odds for a market or another, both having the same performance.

▶️ What does the Asian handicap 0.0 mean?

Surely you have ever seen this market in which it seems that nothing is added or subtracted from either team. When we make a bet on a team with Asian handicap 0.0 we are making the same bet as in the Draw No Bet (DNB) or Draw market, invalid bet , that is, if we bet on Barcelona Asian Handicap 0.0 we would win our bet if Barcelona draws and they return the investment in the event of a tie.

▶️ What is the Asian handicap 0.25 and 0.75?

This type of market usually causes a lot of doubts since it introduces other variables into the event, but at the same time it provides more versatility and dynamism both to the market and to the bettors. Continuing with the example, if we bet on Barcelona -0.25 and Barcelona wins the football match (with any result) we will win the entire bet, however if the match ends in a draw we will only lose half of our investment, in case of a victory of Villarreal we would lose our investment.
Something similar happens with the Asian handicap 0.75. If we bet on Villarreal +0.75 we will only win our bet if Villarreal wins by at least 2 goals difference, if they do it only by one goal difference we will win only half of the bet. In the event of a Barcelona victory, we would lose our investment.
The Asian handicap 0.25 is also often called 0.0, 0.5, and the Asian handicap 0.75 is also known as 0.5, 1. It is important to know this as each bookmaker has its own nomenclature.

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