How to find out if a League is Over or Under

The choice of leagues is a fundamental part when creating a new goal strategy or over/under system. If you are thinking of creating a strategy of more than 2.5 goals and you want to know how to identify the leagues with the most overs or unders, we will explain in this article how to do it easily with our tool!

In which football league are there more goals?

In our favorite football statistics tool there are several tools with which to identify over or under leagues, but the one we are going to use in this case is the Explorer in League Mode, since as we are going to see it allows us to have an overview of what has happened in different seasons and compare.

For example we are going to do the analysis using the English Premier League.


To carry out this analysis we choose the League in the League tab, in this case the English Premier League, in Sample we are going to choose the last three seasons and in Market we select the market Over 2.5 and Over 1.5. The Over 1.5 market is simply added to check the trend, since we will only look at the Over 2.5 goals.

With this we would already have the configuration made to simply change the league and see the trends of each one of them.

For example we are going to do the analysis using the English Premier League.

As we can see in the image, both this season and adding the previous one and even adding the previous two, in the premier league there were more than 2.5 goals in more than 50% of the games. Knowing the percentage of success of a strategy is very important to be clear about the minimum quota that we must enter if we hope to be profitable. For example, in a strategy with a 50% success we need at least a quota @2 to be profitable.

Therefore, in a strategy of Over 2.5 goals in which we include the English Premier League and a quota above @2, we have the information of knowing that for several seasons the success percentage is above half of the total of the goals. matches.

In which Football league are there fewer goals?

We can do the same analysis but with the Under 2.5 goals market, that is, there are less than 2.5 goals in the match. The process would be exactly the same, only in this case we add the Under 2.5 goals and Under 1.5 goals markets.

In this case we have the same situation as for the Over 2.5 market, but with even a slightly higher percentage. In fact, it is observed that fewer and fewer goals are being scored in the league, information that we can take advantage of and win .

How to exclude teams from an analysis of an entire league

With the Explorer tool we can remove specific equipment from the analysis. For example, if we are creating a strategy for a league in which we know that there are few goals but there is a team that is a scorer, we can exclude it from the analysis in the “Sample” tab.

In this analysis we would be removing from the analysis all the matches of the Cerezo Osaka and Sagan Tosu teams.

Hopefully you liked this article and learned a bit more about one of the tools in our soccer analysis tool.

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