How to Win OVER Corner Bets – Corner Market Tutorial

The corner market is used by thousands of bettors who are looking for profitability in a market from which many benefits can be obtained by using statistics in your favor . With our tool this task is reduced to two clicks and in this article we are going to show you how to do it easily.

How to find the best matches to bet on corners

The first thing we are going to do is load the corner markets and change what parameters we are going to work with, in order to be able to find value in the corner markets. To do this we are going to go to the Profile section and we are going to create a profile with the following characteristics:

  • Real Odds Profile –> Current Season – Home: as Both / Away: as Both
  • Statistics Profile –> Current Season – Home: as Both / Away: as Both
  • Favorite Leagues –> All
  • Favorite Stats –> Corners
  • Favorite Markets –> Over 8.5 corners, Over 9.5 corners, Over 10.5 corners, Over 11.5 corners,

How to find value in the corner over market

With the profile already created, we will go to the pre-game tool and begin to filter each market one by one, establishing a minimum value of 0 , so that we only get those matches in which there is statistical value.

After making our entries in the Over 8.5 market we delete the filter that we have inserted and apply it to the Over 9.5 corners market. For this we click on modify, we eliminate the filter in the market Over 8.5 corners and we apply it in the over 9.5 corners

This will give us a list of matches of the day with the best matches to enter over 9.5 corners


The best games to bet on over corners

With our Tool we have a lot of data available to work with, which is why we can further refine our search for matches to bet on corners and use the statistical information in our favor.

Using the same filters above, we can compare the line of corners established by the bookmaker with the average number of corners, by doing this we can combine a value bet with statistical information of average corner points, ensuring our entry.

Using the Over 9.5 market as an example, with the filter loaded, what we are going to do is only choose those games in which the average number of corners is above 9.5

This will give us the list of matches that:

  • They have statistical value in the market of over 9.5 corners
  • The average number of corners between both teams this season is above 9.5

We do this with the 4 corner markets and we will get a much more polished and effective list of games to make our corner entries.

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