What does Draw No Bet (DNB) mean? – Draw Market, invalid bet in sports betting

When you start with football betting and take a look among the most popular sports betting markets, you’ll notice that some of them can be confusing. If you’ve ever come across Draw No Bet or DNB and don’t know what it is, you don’t need to worry. We are going to explain what this market means and how it works!

► How does the Draw No Bet market work?

The Draw No Bet (DNB) market works in the same way as the local or away team winner market, only that in the event of a tie, the amount invested is returned to us. For example, we bet that the home football team will win, and if the game completes with a tie, we won’t lose or win anything, and if the game ends with a victory for the visiting football team, we would lose our investment.

► What is the difference between the Draw No Bet (DNB) market and Asian Handicap 0.0?

None. Regarding the functioning of the pre-game market, there is no difference. That is why if we want to enter these types of markets it is necessary to compare the odds, since despite being the same in practice, sometimes the bookmakers offer different odds, and we must take advantage and see which market has the best odds.

► When to bet on the Draw No Bet (DNB) or Draw market, invalid bet?

Using logic we will enter this market when we want to cover a possible tie -draw- without resulting in a loss of our investment but rather in the return of it. Of course, this results in a lower fee than if we bet on the simple victory of the home or away team.

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