Double Chance Market. How does it work? What does it mean in sports betting?

Surely on some occasion you were looking at the markets available in a football match and you have seen a market with three options that says “home or draw”, “away or draw” and “home or away”. In this article we are going to explain how the double chance market works and what it means in sports betting.

Over 2.5 Goals. What does this market mean?

One of the most popular markets in the sports world is how many goals there will be in a football match. On average in a football match there are usually between 2 and 3 goals, so the market for more than 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals is one of the most used

Correct Score. What does this market mean?

Trying to predict the correct score for a football match is quite a complicated task, which is why the correct score market usually offers very high odds and from which we can take advantage.

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